Customer Reviews

iMac MB417LL/A
Don Dorothy (Denver, CO, 80204)
SellMeMac helped me to get cash for my old iMac, it was collection dust for long time. Thanks glad to get cash for my Mac! =)
iPhone 5c
Geovany Torres (Los Angeles, CA, 90037)
Happy to get rid of my old Apple iPhone 5c, and it was fast! )
Miriam Fried (Austin, TX, 78617)
I have had very pleasant experience selling my old iMac online with SellMeMac. The website was very simple and easy to use, got my money exactly as i was quoted on the website.
iMac, iPad Mini
Jim Grey (Dalls, TX, 75201)
Sold some of my old Apple Hardware, the service was exclent, no problems very smooth. Thank you!
Apple Macbook Air MD231ll/A
Joe Caponi (Minneapolis, MN, 55401)
I give it FIVE STARS. Selling my mac was very easy and quick. Love it!
iPad, iPhone 4
Casey Molina (New York , NY, 10004)
I was impressed with customer service, since from my experience it was the best of those types of services.The manager contacted me personally and we were able to resolve all my concerns regarding my Apple iPhone and my old iPad. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
iPhone 5 32GB Verizon
Brian Wilson (Atlanta, GA, 30305)
I give this one 5 stars, my experience was very smooth. I got cash for my old Verizon phone.
iPhone 5s, iPad, MacBook
Casey Bronkowich (San Antonio, MD, 78201)
An excellent website and service provided. As they advertise the money for my Mac and iPhone were deposited very quickly and extly same as i was quoted. The prices on the Apple Macs and iPhones are very compatible. And most important the comunication was the best, quick response on my emails, thanks!
Apple MacBook Air A1466
Alex Wathen (Boston, MA, 02121)
What i Liked it the fast and free of charge service. I probably will sell may MacBook to them again!
MacBook A1181
Bill Jhonson (Las Vegas, NV, 89119)
This is a feedback from recent experience with SellMeMac. Before i used a lot of websites to sell my apple Laptops,but I always would get that feeling that the transaction is not in my favor. When i got to i had the same though but i took the chance and experience was very surprisingly pleasant. Thank You!
MacBook Air
Andrew Talansky (Seattle, WA, 98105)
Thank you very much!!!!! Everything was Very professional, I got my cash very fast with no problems or delays. I will be coming back for sure to sell some more Macs I would definitely do business again on this site again!
MacBook Pro 1278
Amy and Tony Shwanger (Trenton, NJ, 08620)
We made a good choice selecting as our service, but from beginning to the end, they provided an excellent service and grate support. It's the only way to go, Thanks very much.