Selling my iPhone/ iPad, how do I erase data in it?

If you plan to sell your iPad or iPhone, it is very important that you erase all data contained in it. With this I mean the information you stored in it that is personal and does not need to be shared by others. Or some programs you installed for personal uses such as businesses or other applications. Note that these devices often keep passwords and login details to almost all your accounts since you never wish to keep repeating the pin on your device all time. Once you give out your iPad or iPhone without erasing data then you will be risking people entering to your personal accounts without your consent.

Before you learn the ways of erasing data from your device, please note that it is always important to back up your data. There is some important data you may not afford to lose so make sure you locate all the sources and get a backup. There are 3 ways you can backup data in your iPhone or iPad. You can backup via iTunes, iCloud or backup with iOS data transfer.

There are two ways which you can use to erase data from your device. First, you can erase data and settings in using the device. Open the “Settings” application, open “universal”, then slide the button and click “restore”. Now click on “Erase All Contents and Settings” and enter, if set, your password. Then confirm by clicking the “Erase iPhone/iPad”

You can also download the iPhone/iPad data eraser software. This is one of the best professional tools you can use. It allows you 1 click ultimate privacy protection preventing identity theft once you have sold your device. This program helps you to completely erase photos, contacts, messages, apps, accounts info, passwords, videos and other personal data you had previously stored in your iDevice ensuring that nothing is recoverable even when the third party will want to use the data recovery tool.

You can download a free trial version and use it to permanently erase data from your device. Once you have downloaded it, you can connect the device with a USB data cable and run the program on your computer. This program will give you two options to erase data. When you click “WIPER OVERALL” you will erase all data and settings permanently. Clicking “WIPE DELETED FILES” enables you to erase deleted pictures, videos, call logs and messages permanently making them unrecoverable. After making your selection you then click start and you will have deleted the data successfully.

Before selling your iPhone or iPad, it is important to erase all data in it since you won’t wish to share your personal info with people whether you know them or not. You can use the devices to erase data and settings by following the steps provided in the settings or go online, download the data eraser software for free, and use it to wipe the information from your device.